Tragic Endings

I’m stumbling, I can’t see straight
And it’s my fault I got this way
I got my hands on something great
And found a way to mess it up
I did my best, I tried to change
But it’s just in my DNA
I got my hands on something great
And found a way to fuck it up again
Now I’m the one thing, you couldn’t hate more
But you’re the one thing that I would die for
All my life, I was told, I was never nothing special
I don’t need to be reminded of it every other second
‘Specially when all my self-esteem’s
Already shot to hell, I’m falling helplessly
I’m embarrased, I don’t want no one else to see
‘Cause I feel like I’m a piece of shit every time she yells at me
Selfishly addicted, definitely doesn’t help that she
Makes me feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven
But makes life a living hell for me
She does that thing with her lip, now she’s melting me
I’m putty in her palms, I’m wrapped around her finger
A yo-yo on a string, she lets me sit there and just dangle
Until something better comes along
And she’ll just drop me like a hot potato
I look like I’m in pain, but I’m okay though
‘Cause I know she loves me—my friends, what do they know?
Songwriters: Alexander Junior Grant / Holly Hafermann / Marshall Mathers
Tragic Endings lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


I saw you
Last night
Half dead.

All I could do was cry
Asking the same question
Again and again
Where is he?
He’s gone, where is he?
That isn’t him, where is he?

Then morning came
I woke up exhausted
I woke up sad
I woke up angry.


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Viola Davis
Born in South Carolina in 1965, raised in Rhode Island.
Viola is married and has a daughter.
Viola studied at Juilliard.
Viola has a theatre degree, achieved in 1988.
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In what has become my favourite scene in How to Get Away with Murder, Viola as Annalise Keating, takes off her wig and make-up. My first uncensored thought when I saw this scene was, ‘Wow, she is beautiful.’
I have always been a woman who loved other women and their natural beauty. I have never been a person who wears make-up and I often see people who are terrified to go without it but who look astonishing bare faced. My view did not change when I saw this clip ( Make-up scene ).

“I’m claiming it. I’m a woman. I like to see women on TV. I like to see real women on TV. That for me is what’s inspiring and that for me is exciting. When I see an archetype of womanhood on TV, it depresses me.”
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Fences( )

August Wilson born in 1945, was a child accused of plagiarism due to racist teachers not believing that a child of colour could produce work of such good quality. His life shines through within his work.

For someone who is new to August Wilson, it is easy to see how his work is influenced by his life.

Denzel and Viola give such amazing performances, becoming the characters of Troy and Rose Maxson completely.

Being a huge fan of Viola, my opinion may be slightly biased. My opinion being that as with all her roles, she puts 100% in to it.

The language, the poverty, the racism and the idea of family and marriage.

“…Don’t you try and go through life worrying about if somebody like you or not…” – Troy Maxson.

“…I been right here with you, Troy. I got a life too. I gave eighteen years of my life to stand in the same spot with you. Don’t you think I ever wanted other things? Don’t you think I had dreams and hopes? What about my life? What about me. Don’t you think it ever crossed my mind to want to know other men? That I wanted to lay up somewhere and forget about my responsibilities? That I wanted someone to make me laugh so I could feel good? You not the only one that’s got wants and needs. But I held on to you, Troy. I took all my feelings, my wants and needs, my dreams… and I buried them inside you. I planted a seed and waited and prayed over it. I planted myself inside you and waited to bloom, and it didn’t take me no eighteen years to find out the soil was hard and rocky and it wasn’t never gonna bloom. But I held on to you, Troy. I held you tighter. You was my husband. I owed you everything I had. Every part of myself I could find to give you. And upstairs in that room… with the darkness falling in on me… I gave everything I had to try and erase the doubt that you weren’t the finest man in the world, and where ever you was going… I wanted to be there with you. Cause you was my husband. Cause that’s the only way I was gonna survive as your wife. You always talking about what you give…and what you don’t have to give. But you take too. You take… and don’t even know nobodies giving.” – Rose Maxson


Lesson Prompt:
Write a 250 word story. Person A wakes up to find Person B sitting on the edge of their bed. Person A reacts…

The time is 6:40am. Sun is just starting to shine through the curtains, making silhouettes appear on the walls. It is early, the birdsong being the only sounds coming from the streets below.
The small room was taken up mostly by the bed standing in the middle of the room, a cluttered floor surrounding it. Alex lays blissfully unaware of the person appearing in his room. They tread slowly and carefully through the organised chaos of his room until they make it to the side of his bed, slowly sitting down on the edge.
As she sits there looking down at the back of Alex’s head, an ominous feeling starts to come across the room. The blank look on her face not being one of contentment, but of utter indifference.
Alex starts to slowly stretch as he becomes aware of his surroundings. Taking in the sunlight streaming into in the room, he moves onto his back, reaching for his phone. Startled by a presence beside him, his body jolts as he tries to move away. His instincts to get away work against him as he falls over the other side of the bed and lands with a dull thump.
He slowly raises his head to look towards the intruder, suspicion evident in his eyes. His sleep addled brain finally takes in the young girl starring at him and manages to ask, “Who are you?”
The girl, silently rises from the bed, sadness shining in her eyes as she leaves.

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

When tomorrow starts without me
And I’m not here to see
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me

I wish you wouldn’t cry
The Way you did today
While thinking of the many things
We did not get to say

I know how much you love me
As much as I love you
Each time that you think of me
I know you will miss me too

When tomorrow starts with out me
Please try to understand
That an angel came and called my name
And took me by the hand

The angel said my place was ready
In heaven far above
And That I would have to leave behind
All those I Dearly Love

But When I walked through Heaven’s Gates
I felt so much at home
When GOD looked down and smiled at me
From his golden throne

He said This Is Eternity
And All I promised you
Today for life on earth is done
But Here it starts a new

I promise no tomorrow
For today will always last
And Since each day’s the exact same way
There is no longing for the past

So When Tomorrow starts without me
Do not think we’re apart
For every time you think of me
Remember I’m right here in your heart

By David M Romano

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