That Village

They say you know who is true when life gets hard.

The ones who stand forward are the ones who have always been there..

But sometimes, it’s the ones you least expect.

Not because you misjudged their character or their morals

But because they maybe aren’t with you in your every day lives.

All of these people, both the constant and the infrequent

Deserve an acknowledgement,

Some words of thanks.

Sometimes the people who show up

Are not the ones you would have expected.

They say it takes a village to raise a child…

I am that child,

and I am grateful, in this moment, for that village.


I am a 90’s child, so I missed the original hype of Halloween and all of the sequels that followed. I was, however, able to see the 1998 film Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (on VHS) – and LOVED it!

I had heard mixed views on this new Halloween.

Some loved it, some thought it was “just ok.”

I saw negative, criticising news reports on Jamie Lee and gun control.

I have seen the original Halloween sequels but cannot recall most – I remember the first. I wanted to watch it just to see Jamie Lee as a younger actor.

I had an idea in my mind of what may happen in this new film but had successfully avoided spoilers.

Although I had heard the set up of the film was that the sequels had not occurred and it was set directly after the first…

OH MY GOD. I was glued, on the edge of my seat, my body tense as I tried not to squirm at the gore. While the gore is not dramatic or frequent – it is certainly present and makes an impact.

People in the cinema were heard saying “Slasher film. Slasher film” which it most definitely is – but with relevant gore. It thankfully did not go overboard with it, it was just right to have an effect and stayed relevant.

Jamie Lee was amazing – as always. Seeing her back as Laurie was spectacular.

There was a moment towards the end where another character wears the mask and I had such a feeling of disappointment that the storyline was about to deviate.

Then I was thrown straight back into the plot! Back on the edge of my seat and not having any idea what was about to happen next.

I was certainly pleased to have paid the money to go see this on a big screen – not something I usually do at all.

What a ride!

I highly recommend it. More so if like me, you are a Laurie Strode fan.

I may even go so far as to say this was my favourite of the Halloween films to date…