The bangs of the cannon can be heard from the walk up
A smell in the air that baffles my brain as it tries to place it
The canal, calm, as people walk and the taxi boat floats by
There is a plane up ahead; I wonder when it will be me up there looking down
Parents and children walk with tired intention
Another milestone achieved, silently unnoticed.
Even by me.

Much Better

DSC_0213.JPGI miss my camera. My big, pain in the arse, bulky camera. I miss photography.

I chose not to bring my camera with me, to protect it from damage and potential break-ins.

I miss Sunday morning strolls.

I realised, rather late, that these are things to be easily rectified. I have a camera on my phone and the only thing stopping me having a stroll is me and my lack of motivation.

This morning I took a stroll, I took photographs and I feel so much better now.

I feel like equilibrium has returned to my life. I am now standing with both feet central on the ground.

Much better.