Not Good at Being Healthy

February was the month of eating more fruit – it did not go to plan.

I am not a big fruit eater but I do eat a lot of vegetables. So this was a challenge for me, to get it into my routine to buy the fruit regularly enough that it could be eaten daily.

A lot of the time, I forgot to buy it.

Some of the time, I forgot to eat it.

Thus ends, the fruits of February.

Eating Habits

For May – I found that I wanted to become less self-confined and eat at least one main meal at the kitchen table (with or without others).

This has been a hard habit to break and although I started off well and was eating 2 meals a day in my shared kitchen, I have since reduced it to 1 meal a day.

I have a sense of disappointment in myself for not sitting at the table. What difference does it make if I sit at the kitchen table or the desk in my room…? My anxiety says it makes a big difference.

This month I remind myself that even small changes make a difference and that I amĀ still eating in the shared kitchen – even if it is only briefly.


Almost halfway through the year now. Crazy how that happens!