The things you remember… I remember being asked to read a piece of paper that had written on it: ‘happinessisnowhere’ and to say out loud what it said… “Happiness is nowhere.”
“My daughter showed me this… look again at the words… happinessisnowhere and now when I sepearate them… happiness/is/now/here…”

“It’s all about your mindset.”

This was something that I was introduced to in 2010, that I shared on facebook. It stayed with me. So much so that I named this blog after it.


A friend said to me yesterday, “I have to try, right?”

Yes. You do.

Fighting against social anxiety, off they went to socialise after a long break away from such things.

This morning, I asked him, “Did you have a good night?”

Yes. I did.

Small steps win the race, folks.

Know your limits and when to push them. Trying means you’re winning.

Never stop, beauts! Never stop.

Eating Disorders

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